Custom PRI Foot Orthotics for Targeted Support & Pain Relief

Tailored Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

PRI Orthotics are custom orthotics specifically designed for patients of the Postural Restoration Physical Therapy program. They are designed to closely conform to the foot, made of non-compressible material to provide support, yet are flexible to allow a normal gait cycle.

The materials used make them are lightweight yet durable. They offer a high degree of support while still being flexible and extremely comfortable. Each pair is finished to the specifications provided by your PT. Unlike other orthotics made of rigid plastic, the PRI Orthotics flex with the foot during the gait cycle while still providing maximum support.

Abnormal movement patterns with faulty neurological sensory input from the floor can result in the development of neck, trunk and pelvis instability.  If references from the floor are not correctly established during the gait cycle, compensation occurs with poor ability to move our bodies forward.  This compensation can affect our occlusion and create tension in the neck, back, hip flexors and the foot and ankle.  The PRI Orthotics allow for guidance and new references from the floor through the heel, arch, and toes during forward locomotor movement.  This ensures a new pattern of sensory input and grounding from the floor, allowing for good postural and upright function to regain control of the body position to move forward with reciprocal and alternating movement in the arms and legs.

What is the cost of PRI Orthotics?

$400/pair. (The impressions are kept for one year.)

How long with the orthotics last?

Under normal conditions, orthotics should last two years or more.  Many people wear the same pair for over five years.  Athletes and those who spend a lot of time on their feet may need replacement sooner.

How long will it take for the orthotics to be comfortable?

Because of the changes in your foot function, there may be a break-in period.  Athletes should be comfortable walking in them before vigorous training or wearing them in competition.  

Do I take the liner out of my shoes?

It is advisable to remove the original shoe liner before inserting the orthotic.  Orthotics perform best on a flat surface inside the shoe.  If left in, the liner will force the orthotic too far forward in the shoe.

Why aren’t all the orthotics full length?

Full length orthotics often cramp and irritate the toes. Dr. Coffin prefers that the patient’s toes are forced to curl down a bit in the push off phase of the gait cycle.  It is much easier to fit ¾ length orthotics into various shoes. Those who insist upon full length orthotics, must make sure the therapist clearly marks it on the prescription card and includes a tracing of your preferred shoe’s liner. There is no way to make the ¾ size longer once they are made and so a new pair must be made and charged.

How do I know if the orthotics are helping my postural restoration?

Your therapist will schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the fit and effectiveness of your new positioning in orthotics. Orthotics may be changing years of foot, muscle and tendon dysfunction. With improved biomechanics, the entire lower extremity will function more efficiently, laying the groundwork for effective postural restoration.

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